Walking and Remembering – A Sketch in Prose

While walking slowly through a neighborhood one day I approached a lush green football field along the way. I stopped walking, gazed at the field, and visions of my boyhood came into play.

There on that vacant field I imagined Shifty George Dean moving clear of defenders along the right sideline, and seconds later catching my perfectly lofted pass over his left shoulder, and nimbly scampering into the end zone.

Quickly the scene changed and I was handing the football to Fast Eddie Porter, who wrapped it securely in his arms, darted into the line behind the power block of Joey Jones, then cut sharply left and sprinted seventy yards to pay dirt, while I cheered and marveled at his blinding speed.

I walked jauntily past the lush green field, beginning to enjoy the day.

Soon I saw a very pretty young woman seated behind the steering wheel of a parked 380 Z, fixedly gazing at the cloudless blue sky, while idly twirling a strand of long black hair around her finger, waiting for something, or someone, or nothing. Her delicate beauty made me think of Joyce Monae, the special one who got away, never really meant to stay, with many others yet to sway. I vividly remembered that long ago day.

I walked on, and on and on before approaching a long, low single storied building with a fenced-in children’s play yard and a pale blue sign with large white lettering which read, MISS SANDIE’S SCHOOL, est. 1979. And I thought of my sons and daughters as small children: Michael and Charlie and Maria and Alexis, each in his and her own way engaged in animated play at other nursery schools around the Bay.

And those were very sweet memories during the walk that day.

About John A. Martin, Jr.

John A. Martin, Jr. was raised in Berkeley, California, where he later spent the bulk of his professional career, as the general director of a social service agency. His life journey has included four years of service in the U.S. Air Force, B.A. and M.A. degrees from San Francisco State University and the University of Omaha respectively, post Master's degree study at Tufts University and the University of California at Berkeley, and a wonderfully satisfying professional life working in anti-poverty programs, social service, education, and civil rights organizations. Martin is currently retired and resides in Novato, CA.
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  1. Alexis Martin says:

    This is such a great piece! Thanks for sharing!

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